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FICC Services


When traveling to Israel on business, you want to focus on your business objectives, have top local professionals at your service, and receive immediate access to any individuals and facilities you may require. We at FICC offer full executive concierge services to our business & corporate clients, all carefully crafted to meet your unique individual needs. From personal chauffeuring and private security, to office services and professional consultations, we’re here to accommodate you with everything you need to make your trip successful and pleasant

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our Business & Corporate Services

Business Intelligence

Information & data mining. Insights about Israeli-based companies, private investigations, and more.

Professional Services

Immediate access to prestigious Israeli professionals from top law firms, the Tech industry, Finance, PR and more.

Office Services

From event productions, appointment scheduling and further secretarial services around the clock, our VIP office services will provide you and your entourage with everything you need in order to make your trip a success.

Personal Assistance

From making dinner reservations and travel arrangements, to running your personal errands and chores, our personal assistants are at your service and available 24/7.

Private Security & Armored Transportation

Bodyguarding, armored luxury vehicles and security for residence, meetings and assemblies.

Multi Linguistic Translation Services

Professional translators` accompaniment to meetings, and rapid document translations.

And anything else you need

for your business success

We offer much more then we can present. Our speciality is to make your dream come true and by that we need you to tell us your dream. We can take care of anything – from your most standard needs to your most excessive fantasies

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with your family?

When you’re a FICC member there is no reason to worry. Our FICC team has a varaiety of luxurious experiences & adventures for every age.

what we bring to the table


We stand at your service 24/7, and won’t rest until granting your every request.


We safeguard your private affairs at all cost. No one gets in and nothing gets out.


We employ top security personnel and uncompromising procedures, to ensure your safety and that of your loved ones.

our members

know what's best

Elodie Whittington

Our vacation was incredible! The FICC team planed everything and we just went along with them and it was the best holyday i’ve could have hoped for!